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Private Boat Tour

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Your special days are valuable for us. In such days, having our loved ones and friends with us doubles our happiness. You can celebrate your birthday on our boat and offer an unforgettable marriage to your lover and say yes to the most meaningful person of your life.


We will leave you an unforgettable moment with a tour that we can organize together to present your loved ones an unforgettable day. Be open to the special surprises of our boat.

Kas Kekova Boat Tour

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Dennis Boat departs from Kaş Harbor at 10:00 in the morning. This means that a great journey has begun for you. We are sure that you will enjoy swimming in this small canyon where our turquoise blue will turn your head in İnönü Bay, our first swimming break.


For lunch, how about a meal in a magnificent fish restaurant in Kekova?

We greet the village of Üçağız and the tombs of the king, who greet us before dinner, and take our places in the restaurant. Our lunch consisting of three kinds of menus; It consists of grilled chicken, fish and meatball options and an open buffet.


After lunch that is eaten with pleasure, you have 1 hour to discover Simena when our boat anchored in Kaleköy (Simena), the favorite of Lycian Civilization. This is a region where history and nature and today's life are intertwined. Here you can go to the castle and see the tomb in the water. You can eat handmade delicious ice cream and swim in the cool waters of the Mediterranean again.


When our boat sails towards the sunken city; We witness the ruins of the Lycian Civilization and the Byzantine Empire. After seeing Tersane Bay used by the Lycians in shipbuilding, it's time to meet the blue of Aquarium Bay. During this break, you can relax on the boat, swim and explore the surroundings with the help of snorkeling. A wonderful bay on the way back; Yağlıca will be waiting for us.


With the magic of this amazing day, we are sure that you will be with us again. This adventure that started in Kaş Harbor ends at Kaş Harbor at 18:00. To be with us again, you will have to wait one night.

Moonlight Boat Tour


It is a comfortable islet surrounded by water on all four sides. There is another magic of the night on the boat.

If you want to sip your drinks in a romantic atmosphere under the moonlight and be enchanted by the night, the pleasure of touring the moonlight is completely different.


You can choose a date that suits your holiday and contact us.


April 14- 15 -16 -17

May 13 -14- 15- 16

June 11- 12- 13- 14- 15- 16

August 9- 10- 11- 12

September 8- 9- 10- 11

October 7- 8- 9 -10

Adalar Tekne Turu

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According to the information read from the inscriptions found in archaeological studies, Kas was founded on the city of Antiphellos in central Lycia. In previous periods, Kaş was also known as Habesos. This charming district, which is a natural wonder besides its archaeological beauties, serves many tourists every year. If you want to experience the fascinating atmosphere of our district, which can protect its natural beauty until today, with its clearness and cleanliness, you can tour the Islands with Dennis Boat.


We depart from Kaş Harbor at 10.00 in the morning. You should be ready for a tour where you will enjoy the sea and nature and rest your soul in blue waters.

12 Islands Canyon Area 

25 min. At the end of a cruise, we leave you alone for an hour in the fascinating atmosphere of the cool waters of the Mediterranean on the team islands (in the canyon area), which takes its name from the 12 small islands around it.

12 Islands (canyon area) is one of the most important diving points of Kas. The canyon, fascinated by its natural beauty, is home to the ship wreck known as Pamuk wreck, one of the most interesting wrecks of the region Kas and its surroundings. The ship named Dimitri, which was caught in a storm in 1968 and hit the island of Kovanlı and sat on the land, was unloaded and sunk by dynamite. Today, the wreck, lying between 23-40 meters, attracts the attention of many diving lovers.

Our tea service will be ready while you discover the magnificent underwater beauties with the help of snorkel and enjoy the sea and the sun.

Ufakdere Bay

Our second break is in Ufakdere Bay. While you are exploring this bay, we will prepare appetizers and olive oil dishes consisting of local flavors for lunch. When you smell the delicious smell of the barbecue, we ask you to take your places on our boat.

Güvercin Island

​After a delicious lunch, our boat sails to the Guvercin island. This small island is called underwater art gallery by divers for its underwater riches. You will have the chance to see the marble sculpture of 2.5 meters tall, which is 7 meters deep, in the one-hour swimming break here. While enjoying nature, we do not leave your stomach empty while your soul is filled with a brewed tea and snacks.



Our route before returning to the port is Limanağzı Bay. Here you can swim with sea turtles. You can witness the unique view of Kaş. Limanağzı, one of the important stops of the Lycian road, was used as a port in ancient times with its quiet sea. After our fruit treats at our last stop, where we will also enjoy underwater beauties, we leave this beautiful tour behind us until our next tour and return to Kaş Harbor.


About Us

Dennis boat is one of the most popular boats of Kaş Harbor.


I have been a boat captain since 1985. I had many boats, big and small. I did charter weekly tours for 15 years.

I had many friends I made thanks to these tours. I traveled all the ports and coves of the Mediterranean and Aegean. In 2006 I thought it was time to connect the boat to a fixed port and I settled in Kaş with my wife. We decided to continue the boat with Dennis. We have been doing our work with great love and passion for years.


Our boat is at your service with its crew, cleanliness and comfort.


I think the best part of the boat captain is shaking the hand of a brand new person every day, meeting different people and building friendship. The satisfaction, comfort and safety of our guests participating in our tours are the most important principles for us.


The Dennis family is growing day by day and we continue with your friendship.


Thank you

Captain Mehmet




Captain / Kaptan Mehmet Kıvrak



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***Small breed pets are accepted on our boat***

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